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Oh Young-soo found guilty of sexual misconduct

Squid Game actor Oh Young-soo was on March 15 found guilty of sexual misconduct.

The 79-year-old Golden Globe winner was given an eight-month suspended sentence. The court in Seoul also ordered him to attend 40 hours of classes on sexual violence. 

Oh was accused of groping and kissing a member of a theatre troupe in 2017, when the woman was on a performance tour.

He apparently hugged the victim while on a walking trail and kissed her on the cheek.

The women filed charges against Oh in December 2021, after he became famous for his role in the Netflix hit series.

Oh had always maintained his innocence.

"The content of the victim's journal, and the content of her counseling after the incident is consistent with what happened, and her testimonies could not have been given unless she actually experienced it," The Korea Herald cited the court as saying in its verdict. 

Just days after South Korean prosecutors requested a one-year jail term for Oh, Lotte Entertainment announced on Feb 5 that he would get edited out of the film Big Family.

He was also dropped from the play Love Letter last year.