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Taiwan TV host Mickey Huang accused of raping 17-year-old girl in 2006

Taiwanese television host Mickey Huang is facing an allegation of raping a 17-year-old girl almost two decades ago, just days after he apologised for possessing pornographic videos of underage girls.

Huang, 52, was embroiled in Taiwan’s #MeToo movement in June 2023, when he was accused of sexual harassment which took place more than 10 years ago by Taiwanese influencer Zofia and an unnamed female netizen.

The Taipei District Prosecutors Office announced on April 3 that he would not be prosecuted due to a lack of objective evidence and that he has also reached a settlement with the two alleged victims.

On April 7, Zofia wrote on Facebook that another victim, identified only as Ms K, had approached her in June 2023.

According to Ms K’s post, which was shared by Zofia, Ms K took part in Huang’s show during her freshman year and he kept in touch with her via messaging for about a year.

In August 2006, he told her he was holding a photography exhibition and invited her to his house to take photos of her in swimwear.

Ms K, who was 17 then, was concerned about the request, but went to his house due to their year-long interaction. She was allegedly sexually assaulted while he was taking photos of her.

Ms K said she suffered from severe depression four months after the incident and later went to study in Britain. She had later dated several men, but the relationships ended as she could not forget the trauma of the alleged rape.

Ms K said she is hoping for an admission of guilt and a sincere apology from him.

The latest allegation came after the Taipei District Prosecutors Office said it found seven sex videos involving minors on Huang’s hard disk during an investigation into the allegations of sexual harassment by Zofia. He was ordered to pay a fine of NT$1.2 million (S$50,400) and write a letter of repentance.

Huang took to social media on April 4 to apologise. His wife, Taiwanese actress Summer Meng, also apologised on social media a day later, saying that she would stick by him. They have a daughter who turns two in May.

Meng, 32, deactivated her account after her Facebook page was flooded with criticisms when Ms K alleged that she was raped.

Huang’s misdeeds also led to calls for Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan to establish a framework to better protect minors from abuse, sexual assault and sexual exploitation.

The joint online petition, crafted by Taiwanese TV commentator Sisy Chen and launched by Taiwanese model-host Janet Chia, has since been supported and shared by Taiwanese celebrities such as TV hosts Dee Hsu, Matilda Tao, Patty Hou and Pauline Lan, actresses Sonia Sui, Ariel Lin and Phoebe Huang, as well as actors Austin Lin, Joseph Cheng and Hsiu Chieh-kai.

Taiwan’s Shih Hsin University, Mickey Huang’s alma mater, has dropped him from its list of outstanding alumni due to the latest scandal.

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