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Talk about sex? No problem, says actress Lina Ng

Here’s one really cool mum who does not flinch from talking to her sons about sex.

“I’m not embarrassed about it, there’s nothing pornographic. I’ve told my sons if there is anything they don’t understand, they can talk to their dad and me. It is educational and scientific knowledge,” actress Lina Ng told Lianhe Wanbao in a recent interview.

Ng, 47, is married to former national bowler Mike Lam, 50. They have three sons – Jeriel, 17; Joel, 15; and Samuel, 10.

She is currently seen in the Channel 5 drama Lion Mums which also stars Vanessa Vanderstraaten, Nurul Aini and Constance Lau.

But Ng let on that she realised after talking to her sons, they have stopped asking her questions.

She said: “Maybe they felt uncomfortable talking to a woman about it.”

Ng tasked her husband to continue with the education but, she added with a laugh: “He is the more conservative parent.

“He told them to just ask him if they don’t understand. That was it. Nothing more directly. But I feel, you don’t ask them to ask you. You should just broach it on your own. I think dad is just more shy about it.”

Luckily her sons are willing to share their thoughts with them. Like Jeriel, who once told her about a girl he liked.

“I just reminded him to avoid going out alone with the girl, and to go out in a group. This is to avoid ‘accidentally’ doing what you should not in the heat of the moment,” said Ng.

Another occasion was when his classmates shared some pornographic images.

“I told my son, ‘It is good that you told me. It’s not right to see such images at this age, and if you don’t have a good understanding, you may learn the wrong thing.’”

Lam makes a cameo appearance in the eighth episode of Lions Mum, playing the role of an air-conditioning cleaner and repairman.

“He did not have many lines but he was a little nervous,” she recounted.

“The coolest part for him was that he had to address me as ‘auntie’. He kept calling me, and the crew had so much fun. He found it funny too… but if he called me like this at home, I think he would be in trouble.”