WATCH: Dr Evil hijacks SNL to mock North Korea and Sony over The Interview

In the final episode of Saturday Night Live for 2014, the cast decided to go out with an evil bang.

The show started off with a surprise guest appearance by Dr. Evil (Mike Myers), who interrupted a Christmas song by 'Sam Smith' (played by Taran Killam).

Dr Evil wanted to clear the name of evil everywhere as he wasn't happy with how North Korea and Sony handled the hacking threat against the movie The Interview.

He went about insulting North Korea and his "friend" Kim Jong Un, Sony and the hackers in true Dr Evil style.

"Why pick on Sony? They haven't had a hit since the Walkman."

Watch the full clip above. 

Dr. Evil Hijacked "SNL" To Mock North Korea And Sony About "The Interview" Situation

Sources: Buzzfeed

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