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Jaime Teo's secrets to staying slim and fit

If you're wondering how Twelve Cupcakes' co-founder Jaime Teo maintains a slim and trim figure, she is a fitness enthusiast and an active lifestyle advocate.

The 39-year-old mother-of-one shared 10 exercise and running tips to work towards a healthier and leaner body:

Any exercise is better than nothing

I usually do circuits at home. To train for the recent Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS), I replaced two days of my circuit workouts with specifically cardio workouts.

Do one fitness-related activity on a daily basis

Training for SCMS required more time.

So I squeezed in time by training in the morning and also signing up at a nearby gym so that I won't use bad weather as a reason to not exercise.

Be consistent with training

Even if I feel like my current pace is not the ideal pace I would like to achieve, I still put in effort to improve it and would notice a marked (improvement) on my next training day.

Jaime Teo’s healthy lifestyle and training regime helped her clock 1:01:55 for her 10km run during the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore earlier this month.PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/JAIME TEO

It helps to have a run log

This is so I can keep track of the distance I have clocked. The repercussions of over-training can be worse than under-training, should injuries occur.

Use the right running shoes

Make sure to get one with a good support so that it won't give up before you do, especially if you're running a marathon.

Get sufficient sleep

This affects quality of training.

Hydrate early and often

It is never comfortable to run with a belly full of water.

My motto is any exercise is better than nothing. I usually do circuits at home.

Find a reason to run

Signing up for SCMS has been my biggest motivation to start running.

Find something you enjoy about running

I did not use to run or enjoy it... but focusing on the post-run euphoria and satisfaction pushed me to complete my task. Always stay positive.

Have a plan

I have a schedule sent to my inbox.

While I do not follow it all the time, it gives me a guideline of what I need to do.

This article is adapted from The Singapore's Women Weekly