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Need a Shrek-design cake? Home-based bakery custom designs halal bento cakes

Whenever a birthday or anniversary comes around, most Singaporeans often head to reputable chains like Bengawan Solo or Awfully Chocolate for their celebratory cakes.

But home-based bakery businesses have been on the rise recently, providing an alternative option. 

One of these start-ups is Mizartlane (@mizartlane on social media). It is run by a part-time university student (who wanted to be known only as Amirah) who bakes bento-style cakes out of her home. 

While her sister sometimes helps out, Amirah, who is pursuing a business degree, takes charge of all facets of the trade – from grocery shopping and taking orders to baking.

When asked about her motivation for starting her business, Amirah said she enjoys knowing how happy her cake designs make her customers.

“I want to make something that would make people happy. By creating these [cakes], I sort of contribute to their happy occasions,” she told TNP.

Another reason is the demand for halal cakes among Singapore’s Muslim community.

People who observe halal dietary restrictions are unable to consume foods that have been cooked in kitchenware that have come into contact with alcohol or pork products in the past. 

Amirah bakes all her cakes out of her fully halal kitchen in her home. She also does not use gelatin, which is often added to cake batter to help it set and hold its shape.

With her bento cakes starting at $27 and cake boxes starting at $20, Amirah said she does get comments from customers who find her cakes a tad pricey, and some of them even haggle over the prices. 

She points out, however, that her business runs on much less manpower compared with retail bakeries. 

“They do let me know that they can get [the cake] cheaper at a retail place, but [those bakeries’ cakes] are not custom,” Amirah explained.

A large part of mizartlane’s appeal is her custom cakes, as her business allows customers to submit their design ideas. 

Amirah recalled with a laugh that her most popular design to date is of the logo from the Korean variety show, “Going Seventeen”. 

After making it per one customer’s request and posting photos of it on social media, several others then requested for the same design. Amirah eventually added the design for purchase on her website. 

The most interesting, and perhaps funniest, design request she’s received was of the movie character Shrek – with its head and butt sticking out of mud.

Amirah takes an estimated 100 orders a month. Monday, she said, is usually her designated prep day, and the rest of the week is to prepare the cakes and fillings.

Juggling school and a cake business isn’t easy at times, and Amirah said her main priority is completing her degree. During exam season or when schoolwork piles up, she refrains from taking on too many orders.

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