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Watch: Americans try Singaporean food for the very first time

Char kway teow. Hainanese chicken rice. Laksa. These are dishes that every Singaporean grows up with.

But to those unfamiliar with Singaporean cuisine, these local favourites may look like odd concoctions.

So when American social news and entertainment company Buzzfeed let several Americans try Singaporean dishes for the first time, they found it difficult to make sense of what they were eating.

Buzzfeed has also uploaded videos of Americans trying bizarre European food and exotic Asian food on its YouTube channel.

And as expected, hilarity ensued.

Char Kway Teow

Which char kway teow ingredient amused all five tasters? Clue: It's not the flat noodles.

The tasters had to scrutinise the mysterious meat in their char kway teow before identifying it as fish cake.



The worm-like green jelly bits never cease to amuse first-time cendol eaters.

Why? Maybe it's how they're shaped.

Or perhaps they look too much like little "loch ness monsters sailing around"?



Whether you think it's "Singaporean chicken soup" or just "fishy", there's no denying that laksa is one very delicious dish.

Although the tasters couldn't quite figure out what they were having, they agreed that it was good.

One taster loved it so much that he called it "a slice of heaven". 


Hainanese Chicken Rice

Chicken rice is the food that comes to mind when you're out of dining options or just want something that you can get easily. 

It's one of the simplest dishes you can find in Singapore but it was a tad too elaborate for these tasters who didn't understand why the rice, chicken and sauces weren't mixed together.

And it also took a while for them to discover the purpose of the chilli and soy sauce. 




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