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GetLit! Part 3: We Apologise For The Inconvenience Caused

#BuySingLit begins today, heralding three days of more than 40 activities in all four official languages to promote Singapore literature, aka SingLit. In print and online, The New Paper is profiling some of the talent involved. Today, we have a selection of work looking beyond tomorrow...

Faith Christine Lai

As long as I can remember,
this country has always
been building new things.

During the day, amidst a
permanent roar of drills
boring through concrete,

we have all learned to communicate
efficiently in sign language.

At night, amidst a
resonant thunder of metal
beams clanging,

my phone lights up in the dark
with your text-message fantasies.

You describe to me the way
you imagine my sighs would sound,
if only you could hear them.

We Apologise For The Inconvenience Caused
Faith Christine Lai is a second-year undergraduate studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University. Her work has been published in various journals and anthologies including QLRS, SingPoWriMo, and This Is Not A Safety Barrier.