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Year of the Tiger forecast for the Goat, Monkey, Rooster and Dog

The Year of the Water Tiger marks a challenging and competitive landscape that can be visualised as a training ground in a dense forest, with soldiers striving to advance and overcome various obstacles.

It is a year that requires grit and determination to compete. Still, there will be progress in all matters despite possible obstacles. 

Stay positive and be resourceful in dealing with challenges. As long as you work hard, you can power throught the Year of the Tiger.

This week, in the second of three parts (look out for the third on Jan 29), we get a quick forecast from geomancer Mark Tan for the Goat, Monkey, Rooster and Dog.



1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003

Ranking: 4th

Auspicious number: 4 & 12

Auspicious colour: Green, blue & black

Compatible zodiac sign: Rabbit & pig

Luck (80%, 4 stars): In 2022, those born in the Year of Goat are blessed by lucky stars that bring significant improvement in fortune from the previous year. With the Star of Kindness (月德) and Happiness Star (天喜), help will arrive from many benefactors, with all things going according to plan. This is the best time to do what you have always wanted to. You will have constant support with your good interpersonal skills. Take action in order to set things in motion. This year, avoid having too much cash on hand as you may be tempted to squander them.

Career (80%, 4 stars): You will enjoy stable income as long as you stay down-to-earth and work hard. You will also gain recognition from your superiors and colleagues, with opportunities for promotion or salary increment this year. Even so, the presence of the Overseas Advancement Star (扳鞍) may make you seek change. If you are dissatisfied, why not create an action plan to seek out new opportunities or even start your own business? There are promising prospects for businesspeople and aspiring entrepreneurs. Strive on boldly, but remember to follow the law.




1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004

Ranking: 8th

Auspicious numbers: 6 & 10

Auspicious colours: Red, orange, white & gold

Compatible zodiac sign: Snake & rooster

Luck (64%, 3.5 stars): Your luck may decline significantly due to the Disaster Star (岁破). Thankfully, there are lucky stars to aid you in your career. This year, the Voyager (驿马) and Achievement (八座) stars shall help you to achieve your career goals. It’s time to put your social skills to good use and develop a robust network in life and work. Pay attention to personal finances as the Major Wealth Loss Star (大耗) may lead to a huge outflow of funds. Although the Resolution Star (地解) can help to avert disasters, you should still be careful to avoid serious injuries, especially when driving.

Career (80%, 4 stars): Amid steady advancements in your career, you will achieve good results and can look forward to considerable gains. Under the recognition of your employer, you will feel encouraged to strive harder. Although there may be significant and challenging changes to your job scope, you can achieve success through perseverance. Lucky stars will lend a helping hand when needed. Businesspeople may be caught between exploring new ventures and lingering concerns. This is a good year to start something new, so don’t be overly concerned.




1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005

Ranking: 1st

Auspicious number : 6

Auspicious colours: Red & orange

Compatible zodiac sign: Snake

Luck (92%, 5 stars): People born in the Year of the Rooster are the luckiest this year, enjoying good wealth and success. With the Emperor (紫微) and Prosperity (龙德) stars watching over you, you will be surrounded by benefactors. Despite your busy work schedule, you know how to maintain a good work-life balance. Don’t worry about troubling others. Learning how to give and take goes a long way. This year, you can look forward to career advancement and harmonious relationships with colleagues and partners. Your decisiveness shall allow you to seize opportunities. However, pay attention to your health and safety to avoid unexpected disasters.

Career (80%, 4 stars): Besides achieving success in work transformation, your innovation plans will be recognised. There will be many opportunities to show your capabilities and upgrade your skills. With outstanding performance at work, you will undoubtedly become a core team member. Businesspeople who stay down-to-earth, endure hardships and apply wisdom at crucial moments will enjoy success. However, the Calamity Star (暴败) can bring possible failure, especially when you become conceited with your achievements. Remember to always stay humble and polite when dealing with others.




1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006

Ranking: 10th

Auspicious number: 4 & 10

Auspicious colours: Green, white & gold

Compatible zodiac sign: Rabbit & rooster

Luck (52%, 3 stars): People born in the Year of the Dog may slip into pessimism and listlessness this year. With no lucky stars in sight, you are especially vulnerable to the influence of unlucky stars. Amid the increased possibility of injuries and illnesses, stay vigilant and pay attention to safety. Regardless of work or personal matters, always have a backup plan. Practise mutual respect when dealing with others to avoid unnecessary disputes. You may consider picking up interpersonal communication skills that could be beneficial for your career prospects.

Career (60%, 3 stars): Unexpected problems may cause you to feel overwhelmed. Nonetheless, you will be able to overcome any challenges with enough determination and perseverance. You may find it hard to focus at work and be forced to accept inconvenient change. Take this as an opportunity to challenge yourself. Senior management or bosses who strive for innovation this year will see positive results. Do not worry excessively over the lack of a successor. As long as you do your best, all will be well in time to come.

The above forecast is provided by geomancer Mark Tan from Way Fengshui Group.

As a second generation entrepreneur and popular speaker, Mr Tan has led Way Fengshui Group to be a role model in the fengshui industry by preserving Chinese culture and making it relevant to the modern society.

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