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Year of the Tiger forecast for the Rabbit, Dragon, Snake and Horse

The Year of the Water Tiger marks a challenging and competitive landscape that can be visualised as a training ground in a dense forest, with soldiers striving to advance and overcome various obstacles.

It is a year that requires grit and determination to compete. Still, there will be progress in all matters despite possible obstacles. 

Stay positive and be resourceful in dealing with challenges. As long as you work hard, you can power throught the Year of the Tiger.

In the first of three parts (look out for the second on Jan 22 and the third on Jan 29), we get a quick forecast from geomancer Mark Tan for the Rabbit, Dragon, Snake and Horse.



1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999

Ranking: 3rd

Auspicious number : 8 & 12

Auspicious colours: Yellow, brown, blue & black

Compatible zodiac sign: Goat & Pig

Luck (84%, 4.5 stars): People born in the year of the Rabbit are in luck. With support from the Success Star (太阳) and Star of Aid (天乙), all matters should be in your favour. This should motivate you to work with greater vigour and efficiency. Whenever you meet difficulties, benefactors are around to lend a helping hand. Naturally astute, you can find business opportunities in your daily life. Give your best and you will reap the fruits of your labour this year. Stay observant when dealing with people.

Career (100%, 5 stars): People born in the year of the Rabbit will enjoy career success this year. With the right skillset and support from mentors, promotion and salary increments are in sight. Good planning and timing can go a long way to help you achieve your goals. Regardless of whether you are working or running a business, there will be many collaboration opportunities, which can bring inspiration and good fortune. Do not hesitate to take on challenges, as results could turn out better than expected.



1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000

Ranking: 11th

Auspicious numbers: 4 & 10

Auspicious colours: Green, white & gold

Compatible zodiac sign: Rabbit & rooster

Luck (44%, 2.5 stars): Those born in the year of the Dragon have no support from lucky stars this year, causing mood swings and pessimism. The presence of the Despair (月煞) and Mourning (地丧) stars add fuel to the fire, making you listless and indecisive. Everyone has a vulnerable side. In tough situations, seek help from those you trust. 2022 is a good year for further studies or to upskill. Don’t be too quick to reject new knowledge. Listening and learning more will provide you with more choices for a new start.

Career (40%, 2 stars): This year, it is important to maintain a manageable pace at work. Do not put all your eggs in one basket or implement wholesale reforms without due thoughts. Draw up a comprehensive plan with contingencies, or you could be thrown off when unforeseen problems arise. With little prospects of promotion or salary increment, you may consider changing jobs; however, it may be in your best interest to stay put and pull your weight. Business owners leading traditional enterprises through business transformation should brace and prepare yourselves for challenges. Stay positive and turn stress into motivation to build a more sustainable business model.



1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001

Ranking: 5th

Auspicious number: 8 & 10

Auspicious colours: Yellow, brown, white & gold

Compatible zodiac sign: Goat & rooster

Luck (76%, 4 stars): Aided by the Success Star (太阴), you shall bask in radiance of a glowing luck cycle that sharpens and enhances your thinking ability and knack for making money. However, some unlucky stars lie in wait, bringing untimely problems that cause worries and confusion. While you may feel helpless and dejected occasionally, something positive usually follows. This shall empower you to overcome all difficulties. This year, you are prone to illnesses and accidents. Take care of your health and safety. Be careful on the road, and refrain from breaking the law.

Career (80%, 4 stars): As your career flourishes, busy schedules and fierce competition will cause you more stress. That should not stop you from excelling and standing out from the crowd. You will also receive timely help to overcome difficulties. Maintain a good working attitude and you will be rewarded with promotion and salary increment. The self-employed and business people will make good progress this year. Dress appropriately and always look your best. Consider arranging business meetings over dinner for higher chances of success.



1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002

Ranking: 6th

Auspicious number: 7 & 8

Auspicious colour: Red, orange, yellow & brown

Compatible zodiac sign: Horse & goat

Luck (72%, 4 stars): Despite a dip in fortune, people born in the Year of the Horse can still expect progress in all aspects of life under the guidance from the Authority (将 星) and Wealth (金匮) stars. Those in leadership roles should get a boost that promises good career prospects, especially if you can sidestep stumbling blocks. This year, your luck and wealth are proportional to your efforts. The harder you work, the richer you will be. Embrace life with positivity and live each day with joy. However, be mindful of your words and actions to avoid being targeted by schemers.

Career (80%, 4 stars): Your career luck is good, and you are among the top performers with the chance of pay increment. You may experience fatigue as you rush to handle repetitive tasks amid your busy schedule. Fluctuating emotions are inevitable as you manage clients while struggling with the workload delegated by your superior. Still, you must be mindful of your speech to avoid conflicts. Business people will have greater wealth opportunities and should think of ways to grow your funds. Instead of waiting, you must be proactive in seeking money-making opportunities.

The above forecast is provided by geomancer Mark Tan from Way Fengshui Group.

As a second generation entrepreneur and popular speaker, Mr Tan has led Way Fengshui Group to be a role model in the fengshui industry by preserving Chinese culture and making it relevant to the modern society.

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