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Exclusive Japanese, Korean goods at FairPrice Finest

To taste some of the authentic flavours of Japan and Korea, you don’t need to travel all the way there.

Right now, all you need to do is to step into the nearest FairPrice Finest.

The local supermarket chain is running a Japan/Korea Fair till July 13, and the products featured here will be on promotion till next Wednesday (June 29).

These exclusive imported products are for all lovers of Japanese and Korean lifestyles, FairPrice said. “This is a great way to sample authentic flavours from these two amazing countries without having to travel there.”

Here are some of the products from Japan:


Ippudo Souvenir Ramen Noodles (Offer Price $19.90, save $10) comes in a set of two popular ramen flavours. Shiromaru is a Tonkotsu-based broth with Ippudo’s signature dashi. Akamaru is a pork broth with Ippudo’s secret miso paste.


Kagome Juice, assorted (offer price $3.65 for 2)-. Available in Carrot & Grape / Tomato/ Carrot/ Ichinichi Koreippon flavours. They are 100% vegetable and fruit juices with no added sugar, stevia, preservatives or colourings.


Ichiroku Narutomaki Fish Cake (offer price $5.95 for 2). Narutomaki is a type of japanese fishcake known for its characteristic spiral pattern. These make tasty and whimsical toppings to any japanese soupy dishes such as ramen, udon or oden.

And these are some of the products from Korea:


LOTTE Pepero Ice Bar, Peanut/Almond flavours (offer price $10.35). For lovers of the famous Korean snack brand, its vanilla ice cream is coated with a crunchy chocolate shell with crispy peanut or almonds.


Ottogi Ramen, Mild or Spicy (offer price $4.80, in a pack of 5). Available in Yeul / Kim Chi / Jin options. These are deep, rich chewy noodles with the flavour of beef bone stock with a spicy kick.


I’m Bulgogi assorted packs (Offer Price $6.90; a savings of between $2.10 to $3.30). Enjoy the flavours of Korean BBQ from the comfort of your home easily with these popular bulgogi options such as Chicken, Spicy Chicken or Spicy Pork, in frozen packs ready to be defrosted and fried up.