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Beware Google Docs scam

Google has warned its users to beware of e-mails from known contacts asking them to click on a link to Google Docs after a large number of people turned to social media to complain that their accounts had been hacked, reported Reuters.

Google said it has stopped the phishing e-mail that went out to a million users, reported BBC.

Anybody who granted access to the malicious app also gave hackers access to their Google account data, including e-mails, contacts and online documents, said security experts.

The attack used a relatively novel approach to phishing - a hacking technique designed to trick users into giving away sensitive information - by gaining access to user accounts without needing to obtain their passwords.

They did that by getting an already logged-in user to grant access to a malicious application posing as Google Docs.

Google said its abuse team "is working to prevent this kind of spoofing from happening again".