Conquer Comex crowd 
and snag great deals, Latest Tech News - The New Paper

Conquer Comex crowd 
and snag great deals

Keys to successful spree include doing research and wearing the right outfit

Comex 2017 is on at Suntec Singapore, and if you are ready to brave the hordes of people looking for good deals, you will be guaranteed a rewarding tech shopping spree.

For those who have not stepped into Comex because of the congestion, we have some tips on how to survive the crowd and snag great bargains on new home entertainment, lifestyle electronics, office equipment and travel technology.


News about deals are everywhere and you will need to know where to go to hunt down the best ones.

Head to the official Comex Facebook page for updates or tech websites such as HardwareZone for consolidated deals and scoops. Also, Comex is not the place for window shopping. Know what you want before heading there.


Once you have decided what to buy, start planning your transport options.

Bringing home a robot vacuum cleaner is manageable on the train, but lugging back speakers may be a challenge.

If you plan to drive, find out where you can park on the cheap, such as at Marina Square.

As Comex 2017 spans three storeys, check out the floor plans at so you can map out your shopping route.


Go with like-minded friends and share your shopping lists.

Split up so more ground can be covered. Just keep your eyes on the prize and save your socialising for the end, after you have grabbed the bargains.

Star buys at Comex

Setting up a group chat on an instant messaging app is useful too, as one of you may discover a special deal that is too good to be missed and should be shared.


Wearing comfortable shoes is a no-brainer as you will spend hours on your feet.

Also, wear clothes that have pockets so you can stash smaller purchases and free up your hands for bigger items. Backpacks are handy too.


Do not waste time queueing for food as you will spend time queueing at check-out counters or at trade-in booths.

Have a large brunch or lunch - you can easily burn off the calories walking around the many halls. Bring your own drinks too.

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