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How to appreciate your beer with master brewer Robert Beck

Think "beer festival" and you may picture a raucous scenario with pint upon pint of beer being chugged, and possibly some staggering.

While "appreciation" may not figure in that equation, there is no reason you can't appreciate a foamy brew in much the same way wine and spirits are assessed.

A good place to try beer appreciation is Beerfest Asia 2015.

The seventh edition of the four-day festival kicked off on Thursday (June 25) bringing together beer enthusiasts to sample, evaluate and admire different kinds of beer.

Gulping down a glass of cold beer can be satisfying and refreshing but you would not be getting the most out of it.

Robert Beck, a master brewer at local craft beer brewery Archipelago, demonstrated five simple steps to appreciate a beer during an interview with The New Paper at Beerfest Asia.

To get the best of a beer's flavour, Mr Beck suggests: "Once I've tasted it, I breathe out through my nose and mouth at the same time."

The reason for this recirculation is to "let those flavours culminate around your senses and around your tongue."

For other tips, watch the video...