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One FM food fight

What makes ONE FM DJs go mmm? They slug it out with their favourite culinary discoveries of the week


Cheryl Miles

The Escape Plan with Shan and Cheryl

Weekdays 4pm to 8pm

“Lovingly made by Chef Valentino’s mother, Mama’s Chicken ($48, serves two) is not on the menu, but you can order it in advance as it takes several hours to prepare. A whole spring chicken wrapped in pancetta and slow-cooked with olives, potatoes and Italian herbs for three hours. A must-try if you are looking for authentic Italian comfort food. Magnificent.”

Ristorante Da Valentino

200, Turf Club Road, #01-19


Shan Wee

The Escape Plan with Shan and Cheryl

Weekdays 4pm to 8pm

"I've experienced a wedding day and the birth of two sons and still, eating this dessert - milk cake, passion fruit sorbet and toasted almonds ($14) - was the best day of my life."


22, Martin Road


Shaun Tupaz

ONE FM's #1 Breakfast Show

Weekdays 6am to 10am

"If you're looking for something affordable and tasty, Collin's is the place to go. They put a lot of effort into their presentation and quality. This Mushroom & Onion Sadia Chicken Chop served with Truffle Mushroom Soup ($10.90) is so good, you can almost eat it every day."

Collin's Grille Bento

203, Toa Payoh North, #01-1097


Desiree Lai

9-5 No Repeat Workday

Weekdays 10am to 1pm

"Their US Angus rib-eye steak ($12/100g) is a must-try. It's cut into cubes and served on a wooden board with potato wedges and caramelised onions. To make it even more unique, it also comes with a plate of fragrant beef fried rice that's cooked in beef fat. Worth the extra calories."

New Ubin Seafood

Block 27, Sin Ming Road, Sin Ming Industrial Estate, Sector A #01-174


Glenn Ong

ONE FM's #1 Breakfast Show

Weekdays 6am to 10am

"I had the Seafood Combo Bag that had Sri Lankan crabs, prawns, clams, potatoes, corn and sausages ($88). With everything spread out on the table, it got deliciously messy, but I've never enjoyed seafood as much as I did."

Dancing Crab

181, Orchard Road, Orchard Central #07-14/15


Andre Hoeden

ONE FM's #1 Breakfast Show

Weekdays 6am to 10am

"I had the most 'lemak' risotto! It was the charred house-poached octopus with squid ink risotto and salted egg sauce ($34). The serving portion was only enough for a four-year-old girl, but I guess they have to live up to their name. Food's good and that's all that matters."


35, Mayo Street


Melody Chen

9-5 No Repeat Workday

Weekdays 1pm to 4pm

"I've always loved their szechuan spice and I'm so glad they've opened a stall near my home. Choose your own ingredients and they will whip them up with their special Mala sauce. This plate ($10) is good to share with a friend. Just make sure you drink lots of water afterwards."

Fragrant Hot Pot

Food Republic @ Parkway Parade,

80, Marine Parade Road

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