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Top five treats at Geylang Serai Hari Raya Bazaar

Check out these stalls at this year's Geylang Serai Hari Raya Bazaar

The annual Geylang Serai Hari Raya Bazaar is back to serve delicious and affordable F&B for all until July 16.

We sniff out five interesting stalls this year, offering goodies ranging from finger food to desserts.

Have you ever wondered what churros taste like with flavours like pandan and red velvet?

Churros by Bakes & Crafts leaves you wanting more with their yummy bite-sized snacks complemented by unique dips like gula melaka and salted caramel.

If you want to treat yourself to a cool dessert on a hot humid day, you can also buy a cup of ice-cream rollies and add toppings such as cornflakes, Nutella or banana, or even down a Nutella milkshake.



WHAT: Churros by Bakes & Crafts, stall no. 453

OWNERS: Miss Crystal Cheng, 21, business graduate from Temasek Polytechnic and Mr Zi Yao, 21, accounts associate

INSPIRATION: Miss Cheng, who had churros in Spain said: "I wanted to add local flavours to churros."

VERDICT: The pandan churros go well with the gula melaka topping. The red velvet churros with chocolate are a tad too sweet.

PRICE: $4, add $0.20 for cinnamon sugar, $0.50 for chocolate, salted caramel and gula malaka dips

OPENING HOURS: 4pm to midnight daily


WHAT: Iceburnz, stall no. 311

OWNER: Miss Miza Nazili, 21, who works in an audit firm

INSPIRATION: "I am a fan of Nutella spread, so I wanted to bring in Nutella milkshake for customers to enjoy," she said.

VERDICT: It is a refreshing beverage for the hot afternoons and there's a good balance between the chocolate taste from the Nutella and the vanilla ice cream.


OPENING HOURS: 4pm to 1am on weekdays, 4pm to 2am on weekends


WHAT: Happy Rollies, stall no. 453

OWNERS: Miss Gina Tow, 20, nursing graduate from Nanyang Polytechnic, and Mr Ivor Lau, 25

INSPIRATION: Miss Tow said: "I was inspired by this ice cream concept (where ice cream is mixed on a slab) from Thai bazaars."

VERDICT: Also deliciously perfect for our warm weather. The banana and Nutella combo complements the taste of the ice cream well.

PRICE: $5 for a one-size cup. Customers get to choose two topping, or a sauce.

OPENING HOURS: Noon to 11.30pm on weekdays (last order at 10.30pm) and noon to 1am on weekends


WHAT: Turkish Kebab House, stall no. 509

OWNER: Mr Salih Tasova, 31, chef

INSPIRATION: "I wanted to bring in Turkish cuisine, such as pita and kebabs," he said.

VERDICT: The buns are soft and fluffy, and the chicken fuses well with the chilli, cheese and their special homemade garlic sauce. It's a yummy, filling dish and boasts the longest queue during break fast.

PRICE: $5 (chicken) and $6 (beef)

OPENING HOURS: Noon to midnight daily



WHAT: MrQ snacks, stall no. 27 (tent nearest to Paya Lebar MRT station)

OWNER: Mr Harry Quek, 29, self-employed

INSPIRATION: "I came across this idea from eating street food overseas, such as in Taiwan and South Korea," he said.

VERDICT: Surprisingly chewy, with the chocolate biscuits and vanilla filling melting in with the flour.

PRICE: $3 for five pieces (an additional $0.50 for chocolate sauce), $10 for 16 pieces (with free chocolate sauce)

OPENING HOURS: 11am to midnight daily.

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