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With its slim body and manoeuvrability, the new Honda CB125F handles tight situations effortlessly


The Honda CB125F sports a mix of angular and curved lines just like its more powerful siblings in the iconic CB family tree.

It even has a headlamp that looks like a futuristic robot's face mask.

But the 2015 CB125F can proudly stand on its own. Unlike its bigger siblings, the CB125F offers fantastic fuel efficiency.


As a naked bike, the CB125F's upright riding posture is natural and relaxed compared with sportsbikes.

The fuel-injected 125cc aims to encourage rather than intimidate newbies. Hence, the shorter reach to the upswept handlebars, the lowered rubber foot pegs and its anorexic 128kg weight.

Being able to rest both feet firmly on the ground adds confidence too.


The CB125F belts out a humble 10.5hp at 7,700rpm and has a maximum torque output of 10Nm.

But big horsepower figures and quick acceleration mean nothing for those looking to stretch their fuel dollars. The near-silent CB125F would suit new Class 2B licence holders and seasoned riders who use their bikes solely for transportation.

Some magazines have reported highway fuel economy figures of about 51km to a litre of fuel.

On our new CB125F test bike - which we rode on both city roads and expressways - we managed to achieve 42km per litre of petrol. This gives the five-speed CB125F a range of about 550km on its 13 litre fuel tank.

Understandably, there's a trade-off.

At 80kmh in fifth gear, the tachometer shows 7,000rpm. To overtake a faster vehicle on the expressway, you would need to rev past 8,000rpm mark which will strain the little engine.

Where the CB125F excels is in slower city traffic.

Its slim body helps to negotiate past stalled traffic. The generous 45-degree lock to the left and right means I can turn effortlessly in tight situations.

The steering feels light especially when you maintain the speed and momentum into bends.

Most minor road imperfections are soaked-up without drama by the CB125F's basic suspension set-up.

While its rear brakes are drum-actuated, the front brake caliper is capable of stopping the CB125F quickly and safely during city riding.


To keep costs low (it has a low machine price of $4,190), engineers kept the CB125F's technology simple. The speedometer, rev counter and fuel gauge are all analog. There's no radiator on the air-cooled bike.

There's also no kill-switch - just your standard key-operated ignition switch.

Brake and gear shift levers look utilitarian. The CB125F retains rudimentary telescopic forks while at the rear, there are dual, pre-load adjustable only suspension.


If you're not in a hurry and all you want is to rake up the miles without blowing a hole in your pocket, then you should consider the CB125F. You are guaranteed low maintenance costs and practically a bullet-proof engine from Honda.


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Honda CB125F




Fuel-injected, air-cooled, single cylinder



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