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Was Paris Hilton the victim of the worst prank ever?

Reality star boards plane for a relaxing aerial tour of Dubai, then gets told the plane is going to crash

An Egyptian TV show pulled off one of the most convincing pranks on Paris Hilton, but not everyone is amused.

In what people are now calling a cruel and tasteless prank, the 34-year-old Hilton, who was in Dubai to attend the opening of a new hotel, was tricked into thinking that her plane was going to crash.



Ramez Galal, the host of Egyptian prank show Ramez In Control, as well as actors and parachutists joined Hilton on board a private jet which was actually a stunt plane.

What she thought was going to be a relaxing aerial tour of the city soon turned into her worst nightmare when the plane's emergency alarm went off mid-flight.

"What the f***, what's happening?" Hilton asked.

When the plane made a sharp turn, Hilton, who was clearly confused and worried asked: "Is this normal? Does this always happen?"

Chaos ensued as soon as the plane took a nosedive. 

Screams of frightened "passengers" filled the cabin as a terrified Hilton struggled to grasp what was going on.

"Why can't we land?" she asked hysterically.

She watched in horror as two passengers, equipped with parachutes, leaped out of the plane. 

"I don't want to jump, I don't want to jump. I'm not jumping!" Hilton yelled.

Her ordeal ended when the plane landed and Galal revealed his true identity her.

"We love you, I swear!  This is prank show, Egyptian prank show. I'm so sorry," Galal told Hilton who was still visibly shaken.

"Prank show? I'm going to kill you! You were pretending the whole time?" Hilton responded while trying to regain her composure.

"That's like my biggest fear in my whole life – dying in a plane."




The victim herself may not bear any grudges but the prank has received backlash from viewers, many of whom have taken to Twitter to express their shock and disgust.

Most feel that the TV show was being insensitive towards the families of plane crash victims, especially after the aviation tragedies that shook the airline industry in 2014.




Even non-Paris Hilton fans feel sorry for her. 






Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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