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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson surprises fan by officiating wedding

Maroon 5 crashing your wedding? Pshh, that's so passe.

How about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson officiating your wedding ceremony?

That's far cooler.

The actor, who was promoting his new film San Andreas, not only attended the wedding of superfan Nick Mundy  and his fiancee, he also legally officiated the ceremony.

Mundy is a correspondent with Screen Junkies movie website and had built up a rapport with Johnson over many interviews.

His colleagues sent him to interview Johnson for San Andreas and asked him to pitch a stunt that they could do for the camera.

What they did not tell Mundy was that there was a surprise wedding planned.

The original surprise would be that Johnson would merely be present at the ceremony.

Johnson then said that he would get himself authorised to legally perform ceremony. He even had a notary on hand to ensure that everything was official.

Friends and family weren't left out too. They were brought in secretly and asked to wait in the room. 

To delay Mundy, he was told to pitch  an elaborate video segment for Johnson. Part of the prank was that he was told that Johnson was not available or interested.

A piece of news that shattered Mundy's world.

Scrambling to replace that idea, Mundy was left discouraged. 

Feeling dejected, Mundy even changed into American-flag pants.


He said: "I just feel like we dropped the ball...

"What's this episode going to be, a thumbnail of me crying?" continued Mundy. 

Then from behind a door...The Rock.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Surprised His Friend And Superfan By Officiating His Wedding



He appeared in front of Mundy and said: "I've got a little surprise for you. Just when you thought the day was going to be terrible, it actually is going to be the greatest day of your life."

Mundy, clearly shocked that he was walking into his own wedding, put on a jacket and put a comb through his hair. Wise move.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Surprised His Friend And Superfan By Officiating His Wedding

Though without a tie and still in the America Pants, the overall effect was not totally dashing. 

Johnson even walked Mundy down the aisle.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Surprised His Friend And Superfan By Officiating His Wedding

In a cheeky move, Johnson managed to slip in a line to promote his new movie, out next week in the US, during the ceremony.

Before Johnson pronounced them man and wife, he said: "This is cool. Because it's real."

Johnson has been on a promotional roll recently - and has come up with various ways to gain publicity.

Together with Jimmy Fallon, he gave a hilariously dumb commencement speech set in 1989.

In the speech, he advised his peers not to fall victim to passing fads like "computers".

He also broke a Guinness World Record for the most number of selfies taken in three minutes.




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