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Apple WWDC 2014: So what's really new?

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Apple wrapped up its keynote address at this year's WWDC and introduced a slew of new features.

Of course, the term 'new' is up for debate. Some of these features seemed like successful apps repackaged with a fancy name.

Whatsapp CEO, Jan Koum, noticed this.


What was this in response to?

Apple introduced a major upgrade to iMessage. You can now add voice recordings in addition to texting.

Err, WhatsApp, is that you?

Here's What Happened At Today's Big Apple Event


Next, Apple appears to also give praise to Dropbox. (You know what they say about imitation being the highest form of flattery.)

It introduced iCloud drive, a file system for storing your documents in the cloud. Just like Dropbox, you can manage your files directly from your finder. 


Here's What Happened At Today's Big Apple Event


Hmmm, this looks familiar... Hold up. Doesn't that look like any other Android keyboard? Apple says that as you type, you'll get suggestions for the next words in the sentence. It'll be personalised and based on context. Sure.


Apple is getting destructive too... iMessage now includes the option of images and videos that self-destruct by holding down the camera or mic button. 

Of course, there were some other major announcements. Here are the others:

1. HealthKit: Now you can track all of your fitness and health information and monitor your vitals

2. HomeKit: The ability to control your smart home technology

3. Family Sharing: You can now share photos, calendars, reminders with your family.

Some things are actually new... well, 2 discernibly new things

One of the biggest buzzwords at the event was 'Continuity'. 

A new feature 'Handoff' allows you to switch seamlessly between all Apple devices. You can easily start typing an email on your Phone and pick up where you left off immediately on your Mac, which has to be updated with the new OS X. 

That means you can pair your laptop to your phone and even call people from your computer using your mobile number. 



"You never have to miss a phone call," said Apple's vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi.

This brings "connected to your devices" to a whole new level. While it's certainly convenient, it means it's harder than ever to have a work-life balance.

After all, you can't even use the excuse that your phone was being charged in another room.

The other, is the ability to reply a text straight from the notifications. Ok, we'll give you this one , Apple. It's nifty.


Here's What Happened At Today's Big Apple Event


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