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Employee engagement in Singapore lags behind global average: Study

This article is more than 12 months old

Employee engagement in Singapore lags behind the global average, according to a study out yesterday.

It also found that nearly 20 per cent of workers polled here intend to leave their jobs in less than a year.

The study was conducted over 18 days and included 13,551 respondents 18 years of age or older and in employment across 17 countries and regions. About 500 respondents were from Singapore.

The report scored Singapore's employee engagement at 47 per cent, based on metrics such as opportunities for growth and development, manager effectiveness, and support and resources.

This was lower than other countries such as Britain, Malaysia, the US and India.

Measures such as having a feedback programme and acting on feedback boosted employee engagement, the report from experience management firm Qualtrics said.


Dr Stephen Choo, its employee experience senior solutions strategist for Asia-Pacific and Japan, said: "Our study shows that asking for employee feedback and the frequency with which organisations ask have a direct impact on employee engagement scores.

"However, what really moves the needle is whether employees feel the company turns their feedback into tangible actions."

The report noted that the top drivers of employee engagement in Singapore were a clear link between the work and the company's strategic objectives, confidence in senior leadership to make the right decisions, managers who help with career development, opportunities for development and recognition for good work.

Dr Choo said: "The... study outlines key focus areas for businesses to improve their employee experience and the actions required to provide every employee with a voice... It's critical for businesses to regularly ask (for) feedback, listen and, most importantly, act on it."