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How to make each day equally productive

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Don't you feel your productivity levels are different each day?

Well, most people are the same as you.

According to a survey by the staffing company Accountemps on employee productivity, 39 per cent of HR managers said that Tuesday was generally the best day for their employees.

That beats Monday (24 per cent), Wednesday (14 per cent), and Thursdays and Fridays (a paltry 3 per cent apiece).

It may be quite natural for some of us to slow down on Thursday and Friday but, remember, we need to maintain our focus for the sake of the company we work for.

Here are a few things to make every work day equally productive:


You're in the middle of working on a task when you get an e-mail.

You decide to reply to the e-mail first and continue the task after that.

This is not an optimal way to be productive. Any e-mail or text will only distract you from what you actually should be doing.

Say no to multitasking if you want to get things done faster, as you won't be derailed by interruptions.

You can actually complete the more important tasks in a better and faster way, if you are fully focused.


As much as we hate some tasks or crucial decisions, try to finish them first before other, easier things.

Those hard things are productivity blockers. Morning is for most people a golden time, since we have the most energy.

Thus, finish those heavy tasks and decisions early in the morning to make the rest of your day better.


Being productive is not only finishing your daily to-do list.

Consider your yearly long-term goals to make sure you don't waste the time.

A one-year time frame is a good idea in choosing the right kind of goals to focus on.

For example, getting a promotion at work, making progress in weight loss, or getting well-known clients for the company.

After you have identified your goals, you should prioritise them in order of importance. The yearly goals will keep you motivated and productive every single day.


Rank the goals. Then, make sure you are doing the top priority first thing in the morning.

This is a basic, yet often overlooked practice to put in place.

If you do this every day (or every work day, at least), you will be surprised how you can make a year as productive as it should be.

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