More in the local fashion business turning to technology

This article is more than 12 months old

More firms in the local fashion business are turning to technology to fend off the challenges of shorter product cycles and rising competition. The prize is to snare a slice of a lucrative and growing market.

About 3,000 apparel and footwear specialist retail outlets here racked up sales of $3.33 billion last year, said research firm Euromonitor International.

Many fashion firms seek to improve productivity and revolutionise their products through technology.

Matex, a chemical company that specialises in making eco-friendly dyes for the textile industry, teamed up with Octagon Studios to create a clothing collection known as Curiosity Wear 4D+.

It was launched last November, and incorporates augmented reality into the designs.

This means a 4D version of the print on a T-shirt can be viewed using free mobile app, Wear 4D+.

Said Matex executive director Dro Tan: "We are one of the first in the world to implement augmented reality on clothes. Beyond style and comfort, this is what gives us the innovative edge."