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Cops arrest parents of boy buried in kitchen

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When renovation workers noticed a foul smell coming from a hole in the kitchen floor, they investigated - and made a grisly find.

A child's body was buried in cement inside the vacated house in Kepong, near Kuala Lumpur.

Now police have arrested the parents who allegedly buried their son there. 

They tracked down the 33-year-old father in Keningau, Sabah,on Saturday evening. 

They also found the mother with her two daughters at a relative's house in another part of Sabah this morning. 

 Gombak OCPD Asst Comm Ali Ahmad said:

"The parents are being held in the police headquarters of the districts’ they were arrested in... They only had two children with them. Their son was missing.

"We believe the body that we found in the kitchen of their house is their child, but we will only know for sure after a DNA test."

Police had left the two girls in the care of their aunt (mother's sister) as the parents are expected to undergo a long investigation over the alleged incident.

ACP Ali confirmed the body in the cement hole was that of a boy, who had died at the age of about eight to 10.

There were no visible signs of injury on his severely decomposed body.

The parents had allegedly asked their landlord permission to repair a bathroom in March, before vacating the house without notice.

Neighbors said they often heard the sound of children crying and being beaten.

Police are investigating the case as murder.

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