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Did the haze ruin the blood moon experience in S'pore?

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While the rest of the world was looking at this...

Those of us in Singapore were seeing this...

Okay, we exaggerate. It wasn't actually like this. 

But our point is, there was no blood moon to be seen.



The sun, Earth and moon were perfectly aligned on Wednesday night creating a total lunar eclipse. But if you were looking up at the sky from here, you likely wouldn't have seen the difference.

Some social media users suggested that the haze was to blame.






I hate you HAZE!!!! I cant see the bloodmoon!!!! Grrrrr #bloodmoon #lunareclipse #singapore #hazzy #ofw #instagram #instapic

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We're not sure if it was the haze or if it was just too cloudy.

But at the time of the blood moon, the 3-hour PSI reading was in the unhealthy range. (What were you even doing outside your home?)

  6pm 7pm 8pm 9pm
3-hr PSI 102 105 107 107



Not all of us here in Singapore were that unlucky.




Blood moon today ((study break photog sesh))

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But if you missed the eclipse, here are some photos of the moon to make you feel better (or worse).

Over in Toronto, Canada...

Over in Tokyo, Japan...

Over in Los Angeles, US...

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