Is former NSP sec-gen Jeanette Chong-Aruldoss joining Mrs Lina Chiam's party?

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Former members of National Solidarity Party (NSP), including ex-secretary-general Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss, are keen to join Singapore People’s Party (SPP).

Lawyer Chong-Aruldoss, 51, Mr Ravi Philemon, Mr Bryan Long and Mr Osman Sulaiman were seen before the SPP walkabout in ​Bishan earlier today (March 1), socio-political website The Online Citizen reported.

Ms Chong-Aruldoss told The New Paper she submitted her membership application to SPP last month (Feb).

While she's "inspired to work with (Non-Constituency Member of Parliament) Mrs Lina Chiam, she will also "respect the (party's) decision-making process".

Is she concerned the group will be seen as party-hoppers, with this possible move to SPP?

Not quite. She said:

"There isn't that much ideological difference between the opposition parties (in Singapore).

The platforms really (depends on) where you feel more comfortable to work (from)... It's about working together (and having) synergy."

While a decision's pending, Ms Chong-Aruldoss said she'll be happy to offer her services - even as a volunteer to "help Mrs Chiam do research, if she needs help in the party's walkabouts and execute certain tasks that she needs to do".

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