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Neighbour from hell arrested after her antics were caught on camera

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For years, a Malaysian woman terrorised her neighbours in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur.

She would damage their cars, break flower pots at their driveway and hurl vulgarities at them.

On Monday, the woman was arrested by police after her antics were captured on video.

Another neighbour, who wanted to be known only as Mr Tan, said the woman had been that way since she moved into the neighbourhood more than six years ago.

"She sprayed water on my late wife, followed her around and even spat on her," said the 58-year-old man.

"She shattered my car windows with marbles and also damaged two other cars belonging to my family,” he said, adding that on Monday, the woman smeared paint all over a car belonging to his son’s girlfriend.

Broken porch lights

Mr Tan said he had no idea why the woman was acting this way.

"She constantly hurls vulgarities at us," he said, adding that he made a police report about the latest incident.

The woman is said to have eight police reports lodged against her.

Acting Wangsa Maju Deputy Superintendent A. Asmadi Abdul Aziz said police were forced to step in after the latest incident.

"We were alerted after a police report was lodged that the car had been smeared with red and black paint.

"The woman had also broken the porch lights and some flower pots in front of her neighbour’s house," he said on Tuesday.

The incident was recorded on video by another neighbour, he added.

Climbed the gate

"We sent police personnel to the woman’s house at around 4.30pm on the same day.

"They rang the door bell several times, but the woman simply ignored them," he said.

Police officers climbed over the gate and knocked on the door, but the woman who answered the door started screaming at them.

"She refused to cooperate with my personnel and asked them to wait for her brother-in-law to come over," he said, adding that the man came about half an hour later and told the woman to open the gate.

The 46-year-old woman was arrested shortly after.

Worried for family's safety

DSP Asmadi said the woman has no record of mental illness.

"We have remanded the woman to facilitate further investigations. We will be sending her for a psychological evaluation," he said.

Another neighbour, Ranur Gathevi, 49, said she was worried for the safety of her family.

"I’m afraid she may get more aggressive once she is released from police custody," she said.

Source: The Star Online

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