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Man breaks leg while trying to mate with horse

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A stubborn man refused to heed a barn owner's warning to stay away from her horses and paid the price for it.

Cirilo Castillo Jr, 45, who is from Texas, US, had previously been arrested for performing sexual acts on other horses in the barn.

His latest attempt ended badly and left him with a broken leg.

When the owner went into the barn to feed her horses, she recognised the injured man lying on the ground and called the police.

Castillo claimed that he had crawled to the barn for shelter after being hit by a car.

But investigators refused to buy his account as they believed that he had been kicked by the horse he was trying to perform a sexual act on it.

He was taken to hospital to treat his broken leg.

Early this month, Castillo was arrested for criminal trespass.

Sources: Daily Mail Online, Metro UK

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