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Be a mentor to become a better leader

This article is more than 12 months old

Training budgets are low, given the slowing economies. Plus, your manager may not know the best ways to invest in your professional growth.

Do not wait for the opportunity to develop your leadership skills to be handed to you on a silver platter. Be proactive: Serve as a mentor. That is one way to grow professionally without having to spend a cent.

What sort of adviser should you be? The face of mentoring is changing, so it is important to expand your thinking around it.

Today, mentoring is not just about a one-on-one relationship, where a more experienced professional comes alongside a younger one. These relationships now include mentoring circles and peer-mentoring.

But whatever the type, there are several traits to a good adviser, including being focused, inventive, patient, open and steadfast.

Having these traits mean your mentee benefits from your experience, network and insights.

But what is in it for you?

For one, mentoring builds your self-confidence. It also hones active listening skills and increases interpersonal skills.

It lets you tap into new resources. You are able to build connections and a professional network.

Mentoring can inspire new enthusiasm for your own career path, and you gain a sense of satisfaction about your personal brand and the valuable knowledge that you offer something good to your organisation.

These benefits will assist you in your ongoing professional development, providing opportunity for your own prospects.

This article was contributed by Right Management, the global career experts within United States-listed HR consulting firm ManpowerGroup.