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Have we become too quick to anger?

This article is more than 12 months old

"We are so quick to draw blood from those who make us angry, especially online."

- Zhang Weijie, 24, student

"It's easy when you find a target online and direct all your anger towards someone who may have made a wrong comment or did something stupid."- Ms Ang Yee Leng, 32, IT engineer

"I feel we no longer give people a chance to apologise for 
their actions."
- Madam Vanitha Kumaran, 30, 
driving instructor

"I think (the situation) online is the worst, people just whack without worry because most times, they stay anonymous."

- Mr John Leong, 40, teacher

"Not true. We may be angry, but there is usually a justified reason for the anger. It's not like we are being ridiculously angry."

- Charlene Ooi, 25, student"I don't really think it is that bad. We may feel that way only because the bad gets highlighted and the good does not. So you feel that there is so much anger."

- Madam Jane Toh, 40, biochemist"I still see acts 
of kindness and graciousness among strangers, like 
giving up of seats, 
but no one posts 
such good acts."

- Mr Kingston Pereira, 70, retiree