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NEA suspends restaurant at Marina Square after rat found in dish

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The National Environment Agency (NEA) suspended a Chinese restaurant at Marina Square on Friday (Jan 9) after photos of a dead rat in one of its dishes were put up online.

The photos were posted on Facebook by Ms Caron Chan, who visited Hotpot Culture with colleagues on Friday for lunch.

The group found a rat carcass floating amidst a pot of vegetables.

Horrified, they approached the restaurant's staff, but did not get the response they expected.

"The staff member didn’t even react quickly, she handled something else first, then came to us and told another employee to remove it. She just said sorry and that they would serve a new batch.

"What about the other customers who already ate it? That was so gross. They should have quickly stopped operations."

The group reportedly left the restaurant soon after without paying.

'No rat body'

When The Straits Times called Hotpot Culture, the supervisor denied that a rat had been found in a dish.

"They (the customers) made a mistake, it’s just vegetables that looked like something else, there was no rat body," she said in Mandarin.

Ms Chan said she reported the restaurant to NEA and that officers visited the place in the evening. 

NEA later confirmed that the restaurant was suspended.

Source: The Straits Times

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