Outlaw eats like pregnant woman to escape cops but guess what gave him away?

This article is more than 12 months old

He was a fugitive on the run.

The man surnamed Liu had attacked a man with a knife in Yunnan province, China, in July. 

To escape the manhunt, he thought of a brainwave : Eat like a pregnant woman to gain weight, look different and escape the cops' detection.

Here's what his plan to put on 20kg entails:

  • Eat two bowls of fatty pork a day
  • Consume four or five eggs a day
  • Down a pot of bone soup every two days

Can't go for plastic surgery

He originally wanted to get cosmetic surgery to escape recognition, Chongqing Evening News reported, but that method required him to register under his real name.

So Liu came up with an easier way to change his appearance – by gaining weight. 

He started a special diet used during his wife's pregnancy.

Liu recalled: 

"It was like a pig's life, there was only eating and sleeping."

But he was spotted by attentive police who recognised the black mole on one of his ears when Liu returned home for the upcoming Spring Festival in February.

Liu, who is now in custody, said:

"I should have noticed the mole earlier."

Sources: ChinaDaily, Chongqing Evening News