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Eatery owner in China goes viral for her robotic movements

The stiff and jerky robot-like movements of a hotpot restaurant owner when she serves customers in Chongqing, China, have propelled the 26-year-old woman to viral fame.

In online videos filmed by diners, the proprietor, who gave her name only as Ms Qin, can be seen greeting customers, serving dishes, pouring tea and making toasts ‘mechanically’, fooling many into thinking briefly that she is a real robot, reported the South China Morning Post.

One commenter asked: “Is this really a robot?”

Another pointed out her ability to not blink.

But other eagle-eyed viewers pointed out blackheads and pores on Ms Qin’s nose and a slight flaring of her nostrils as she breathes as evidence of her corporeality.

According to Chinese news outlet Jiupai News, Ms Qin is a professionally trained dancer and has been dancing since she was 12.

She told Jiupai News that rhythmic and mechanical movements of robots are similar to that of street dance, making it easy for her to replicate them.

“Eye expressions are definitely acted, but the moves rely on muscle control,” said Ms Qin.

The gag was inspired by her daily interactions with friends, she added.

“When customers or friends come to the restaurant, we dance together. By chance, they thought my impersonation was very realistic and recorded a video of me, which was then uploaded online,” said Ms Qin.

“It’s about having fun using my talents and adding a unique feature to the restaurant,” she added.

The wildly successful bit has delighted her existing patrons and made many people on Chinese social media want to experience Ms Qin’s service in person.

“I was fooled at first, thinking it was a real robot,” said one commenter.

Another said: “I laughed so hard at this video! I’ll go to this hotpot restaurant just to see the business owner.”

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