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Last push for your votes

This article is more than 12 months old

Today, a record 2.4 million Singaporeans will go to the polls, with candidates vying for 89 seats, the most number of seats contested since independence.

Last night, seven political parties made their final pitch - on TV.

Here are excerpts of their speeches


Lee Hsien Loong, Secretary-General

"I cannot promise you an easy journey. But I am confident we can navigate safely through the storms. Together, we have overcome tough odds throughout our history. Despite the challenges, our lives got better with each passing year. As the People's Action Party, we put people at the heart of all that we do. The PAP will always serve the best interests of Singaporeans, both for today and for tomorrow. Unlike some opposition parties, we do not write ourselves cheques that our children will have to pay. We do not make empty promises that we cannot fulfil."



Sylvia Lim, Chairman

"We need a new kind of politics. It no longer makes sense to give a small group of self-selecting and self-checking leaders a blank cheque to take us forward into the murky future. We believe that empowering Singaporeans entails a system of government where there are adequate checks and balances without political gridlock. Parliament must play the crucial role of checking and pushing a powerful executive to make well-balanced policies and laws that protect and advance the people's interests."


Lim Tean, Acting Secretary-General

"You are not powerless. You are in control and your decision will decide whether our country comes together or falls apart. Whether our young will have a better future than their parents or whether they will be the first generation of Singaporeans to have a lesser future. We ask you to exercise your great moral responsibility to change the course of this country and to restore the spirit of our people."


Roy Ngerng, Candidate

"You are a taxpayer of Singapore and you are an equal citizen. We want your right as a citizen to be equally respected and we will not allow the Government to threaten you by holding back amenities. The Reform Party will be safe and accountable on the ground and we will be your champion in Parliament."


Tan Jee Say, Secretary-General

"PAP leaders talk unashamedly about honouring the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. They are just opportunistic. They make use of his name for their own political ends. In fact, they have betrayed his ideals on foreign workers, trust and meritocracy. Fellow Singaporeans, do you want five more years of the unhappiness and misery of the past 10 years under PAP? Or do you want to take back our country, our jobs, our space, our pride?"


Harminder Pal Singh, Chief Media Officer

"Vote for SDA because we have detailed alternative plans, and improved policies and solutions for all the issues faced by Singaporeans, and we will be your most effective voice in Parliament to fight for your rights! Your vote is crucial and it will affect Singapore's future, and this election is about taking back the rights for our children if you don't want them to be second-class citizens in our own beloved country."


Paul Ananth Tambyah, Member

"The Prime Minister made an unprecedented apology to the voters in the middle of GE 2011. It is time to look objectively at the promises made as part of that apology. Ask yourself, are your children less stressed by the education system, are you spending less on tuition and childcare? Are the trains less crowded, are you more able to pay for healthcare for yourself and your parents, are you more secure that your job will not be taken away from you and given to someone who is willing to work for less?"

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