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Leisure Park Kallang carpark is supercar hotspot

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Enthusiasts say Leisure Park Kallang carpark is the venue to admire supercars, not race them

The Leisure Park Kallang carpark regularly features a parade of high-performance cars and, occasionally even illegal races, say car enthusiasts.

The carpark is in the news following a dramatic accident on Saturday in which a speeding Nissan GT-R broadsided a Toyota Altis.

Car enthusiasts told The New Paperthat the carpark's size and location make it perfect for drivers to show off their cars, which include high-performance makes from Nissan, Ford, BMW and Subaru, as well as supercars such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porsches.

A supercar enthusiast who wanted to be known only as Desmond, 23, said the venue is a "commonly used place" for such events.

The Singapore Institute of Management undergraduate said that in the past two years alone, he has gone to more than four gatherings there.

When asked if any racing takes place, Mr Desmond replied with a firm "no".

He said: "At such events, the drivers mostly just park their cars there so people can get close and look at them.

"Some will take photos, and everyone just talks to each other about the cars."

He added that what makes the place attractive is the size and design of the carpark.

"It's open and big, so one can just walk down the road to admire the cars one after another," Mr Desmond said.

"When they're lined up like that, it looks nice in photographs too."

Another supercar enthusiast, who declined to be named, said she also frequents events at the carpark.

The 30-year-old, who works at a car rental company, has been interested in supercars for the past decade.

She said: "Leisure Park Kallang is very big for gatherings, for car drivers to check out each other's cars."

She too said drivers congregate at the carpark to show off their vehicles, rather than race them.

But some also said that the carpark is the venue for more than just these meet-ups.

Self-proclaimed GT-R fan David Lin, 26, an undergrad at the University of Queensland, Australia, said:"Sometimes people will have a mini race in the carpark. Not too often though.

"It's the meet-ups that are regular there. We would just meet up to chat and eat and see each other's cars."

Asked why he favoured GT-Rs, Mr Lin who owns a Nissan R35 GT-R in Australia, said: "I like the way it drives and sounds.

"But I personally don't race as I believe it's not worth the risk of losing your licence for speeding."

A regular patron of Leisure Park Kallang, Ms Noni Baser, 33, has witnessed GT-R races at the carpark while hanging out with her friends at the Starbucks outlet nearby.

She has also seen two or three Suzuki Swift cars racing there.

Ms Noni, an Immigrations and Checkpoint Authority officer, said: "Leisure Park Kallang is like a meeting point for them to show off."

It's open and big, so one can just walk down the road to admire the cars one after another. When they're lined up like that, it looks nice in photographs too.

- Mr Desmond on why the carpark is so popular