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National Day performance a family affair

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She wanted the family to spend more time together.

So this year, Madam Kelsy Liau, 41, volunteered her entire family - her husband and two sons - to perform at the National Day celebrations at the floating platform.

The family of four will be part of a group from the PAssionArts Community Singing Network.

The group will perform local songs during the pre-parade segment of the floating platform celebrations.

The piano teacher felt that the participation would provide a good chance for the family to bond.

"We have been practising every Sunday morning since July, and we feel closer due to the many rehearsals that we have had to attend together," she said.

"It can be challenging to manage my children during rehearsals because they can get very restless.

"But they find it very enjoyable."

Her sons, Hsin Hong and Hsin Yee, are nine and seven respectively,making Hsin Yee the youngest performer at the floating platform.

Her husband, Mr Kelvin Loo, 53, who is in sales, said: "I feel very glad seeing everyone come together.

"I feel very proud being able to do this for Singapore's Golden Jubilee."

For Madam Elise Kweh (left), performing at the floating platform is also a family affair.

The 41-year-old housewife will be performing together with her parents and her sister as members of the East Coast Choir.

Her family joined the choir when it was first formed by the Kampong Chai Chee Community Centre in May.

"All of us in the family really love to sing, but we never really found a way to perform together," she said.

"So when the opportunity came for us to do what we loved together, we just took it."


The choir's repertoire comprises mainly local songs like Rasa Sayang. The group practises on Wednesday evenings at Fengshan Community Club.

The performance at the floating platform marks their debut.

"This is the first time we are performing outside of practice, so it was really shocking when I found out!"

Madam Kweh's daughters, who are 12 and eight, and are also in the choir, were looking forward to performing for the celebrations.

However they were unable to as they are too young, which meant that it would be difficult for them to maintain the harmonies.

"They are very disappointed that they couldn't perform, but they are still looking forward to it."

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