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Other time-tested shops

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Located along Mosque Street, the 91-year-old tea enterprise was founded by the late Mr Peh Kim Aw.

Mr Peh started out as a street hawker who carried his goods with a shoulder pole, eventually earning enough to open a permanent stall in George Street in Raffles Place.

The shop has moved thrice since. It sees about 10 walk-in customers daily and mainly supplies to restaurants.

Mr Peh's grandson, Mr Kenry Peh, 46, said the future of the business lies in whether the younger generation drinks Chinese tea regularly.

He plans to take a health angle in selling it.

Address: 36, Mosque Street

Tel: 6323-3238

Opening hours: 8am-7pm (Monday to Saturday), closed on Sunday


Started by the late Mr Mohamed Hanifa Kazura in the 1930s, Jamal Kazura Aromatics has been based in North Bridge Road since the 1950s.

When haj pilgrims stopped in Singapore on their way to Mecca in the 20th century, they dabbed on alcohol-free perfume to mask unpleasant odours in the tropical climate.

Mr Hanifa saw a fantastic business opportunity in this, and decided to blend perfume oils such as rose, bergamot and jasmine and bottle them in small quantities.

Today, the shop is run by his son, Mr Jamal Kazura, 68.

There are around 70 scents available, costing between $6 and $150.

The shop gets more than 100 customers a day.

Address: 728, North Bridge Road

Tel: 6293-2350

Opening hours: 9am-6pm (Monday to Friday), 9am-1pm (Saturday), closed on Sunday 


With around seven decades of history, Cheong Ann Watch Maker is a shop crammed from floor to ceiling with antique clocks, with some dating back to the 19th century from various countries.

Opened by Mr Lim Gee Lam, 87, the shop was passed down to his eldest son, Mr David Lim, 56, 14 years ago.

The elder Mr Lim had picked up his skills at a watch repair shop. He went on to set up a servicing and repair business for clocks, watches and gramophones when he was 16.

Today, the younger Mr Lim uses a Facebook page to promote the business.

He has plans to expand the shop to include dealing in vintage furniture as well.

Address: 4, Lim Tua Tow Road

Tel: 6286-3826

Opening hours: 10am-8pm (Monday to Wednesday, Friday and Saturday), 10am-5pm (Thursday), closed on Sunday