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People all over the world are 'stunned like vegetable'

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Has anyone else been stunned like a vegetable by how ridiculously catchy Unbelievable is?

If you're still humming it in the shower this morning, or during your commute to work, join the club.

Singaporeans aren't the only ones captivated by Chen Tianwen's music video, which was produced for Channel 5 sitcom Spouse for House. 

Foreigners are equally entranced by the cheesy, romantic song with the video getting mentioned by Time and Huffington Post.

And well, some people are treating the song like it's a metal cable to their cable car.







Stunned like a vegetable

Posted by Matthew Britt on Thursday, 16 April 2015


And then there are others, including local DJs, who have created covers, mash-ups and remixes for the track.




Now all we need is an auto-tuned version that will be played in clubs islandwide.

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