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'Vampires in disguise': Though he plays one on screen, Chen Tianwen isn't a big fan of 'ah longs'

Local actor Chen Tianwen may be convincing in his role as an illegal moneylender in the Chinese drama series Cash On Delivery, but in reality, he cautions one and all to absolutely stay clear of “ah longs”.

"They are vampires in disguise,” said the 60-year-old. “If they lend you $10, they will demand $12 next month. If you are unable to return the amount, the interest accumulates and snowballs till it becomes impossible to return." 

Chen knows a thing or two about financial difficulties, having learnt his lesson after losing close to $100,000 on the stock market a few years ago.

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, he said: "My hands were itchy and I went to buy stocks. In the end, I lost nearly $100,000, so I just had to knuckle down and work hard.

Chen said he was fortunate to have had an acting role in China during that period, and was thus able to repay his debt – though he didn’t reveal to whom he owed the money. 

“During those few years in China, I was also given allowances, so I could slowly repay my debt using the salary I earned in Singapore," said Chen. 

He said it took a “few years" to pay off the full amount, and that he has not dabbled in stocks since. 

"Spend within your means and don't use 'future money', such as credit cards, to buy unnecessary luxuries, which is actually coming from your next month's salary," Chen said, adding that everyone should “develop a habit of saving for a rainy day".

Cash On Delivery is currently airing on Channel 8 and streaming on meWATCH. 

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