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Pokefans pitch in to pick up litter in Hougang

This article is more than 12 months old

Some Pokefans, who have dubbed themselves Pokemon Go North-East Singapore (PGNES), have taken it on themselves to clear up the mess left behind by other players.

Over the past week, four to five members of the group have been picking up litter left behind by other players at Block 401, Hougang Avenue 10.

The area is a hot spot for Pokemon Go players and has been featured in numerous media reports.

Hundreds of players gather there every night, leaving litter strewn all over the playground and amphitheatre.

Mr Roger Wong, 27, an engineer who is part of PGNES, said: "We want to build a community of players that can have fun and enjoy the game together.

"It is unfair for the cleaners to be cleaning up the mess."

Armed with trash bags, the group will join the crowd in playing the game until 4am. Then it will go around picking up litter for 30 minutes, before the cleaners arrive at 5am.

Apart from filling the bins in the area, the group has collected up to 10 extra bags of rubbish on weekends.

The group also reminds players through Facebook to pick up after themselves.

Polytechnic student Jantzen Lee, 19, who first mooted the idea of litter-picking, said that players should be responsible for their own litter.

"This area belongs to the residents, not us," he said.