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Trainspotting readers

This article is more than 12 months old

Mr Aaron Ho is the owner of MRTreads, an Instagram account that documents photos of people reading on trains.

Speaking to, Mr Ho says he got his idea from, a website that documents New Yorkers who are seen reading in the subway.

Mr Ho is a PhD candidate in a New York University, specialising in Victorian literature.

He is currently in Singapore to do part of his dissertation before heading back to complete it.

Mr Ho aims to encourage Singaporeans to read more often and to get inspired to read by seeing other people read.

Along with his photos, the captions indicate the book that the person is reading and occasionally his own opinions of it.

Some people have voiced their concerns over the photos as a breach of privacy, but Mr Ho is unfazed.

"There are no laws against public photography in the world. That said, if someone's photo is posted and they are uncomfortable about it, please write to me and I'll take the photo down," he tells