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Wong Lilin shares first time voting experience

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She is 43 and today is the first time that she is voting in Singapore's General Election.

Local actress Wong Lilin shared in an Instagram post that she has little knowledge on Singapore politics.

She has been relying on social media posts and other Singaporeans to gain more perspective on the subject matter.

Today (Sept 11), on Polling Day, she posted a picture of herself walking to the polling station to cast her first vote.



A photo posted by Lilin (@lilinwong) on Sep 10, 2015 at 5:32pm PDT



She wrote: "Up until two weeks ago I've been largely apathetic to anything Politics. And that is unlike someone who usually cares a lot.

"I've been studying the candidates and parties. I hear my fellow Singaporeans on the street. I read the countless social media posts.

"I still don't know enough. But I do know I'm starting to care.

She admitted that two weeks was a short time to catch up on so much history.

She said that she hoped that she cast a "good vote" today.

"Thank you to everyone who has made it possible to provide another perspective, who cared enough to make a stand. Even questionable ones. For what are we if we can't question.

"I am frustratingly inept in forming solid opinion on whom to choose and what grounds I base my support on. 

"Apathy and my resulting ignorance is a sorry affair." 

Wong isn't the only celebrity who voted for the first time today.

Young actors Aloysius Pang, Shane Pow, Carrie Wong and Jayley Woo shared their thoughts on their new right with entertainment website Toggle.

1. Aloysius Pang


During the last election in 2011, Aloysius Pang had felt very left out.

He had accompanied his family to vote but had ended up being left behind in the car as he wasn't old enough to vote yet.

Pang, 25, is happy that his time has finally come.

Today, he had to get permission from his company to get some time off filming his latest drama Life— Fear Not, to go to the polling station.

He said: "I don’t have time to pay attention to them (Singapore politics) – I don’t even have time for enough sleep!

"But when I was doing my reservist a few weeks back, I thought to myself, I should quickly do my research a few days before voting instead of relying on the opinions of the public and my family.

"After all, I’m at the age where I should have my own ideas." 


​2. Shane Pow


He made sure that he was not dressed in "politically biased" colours on Polling Day.

Shane Pow, 24, was excited that he was finally able to vote today as he was just shy of his 21st birthday during the last General Election in 2011.

To mark the occasion, he said that he was going to the polling station with his family and friends, dressed up to the nines and he would take a selfie once he reached there.

Pow may be headed for politics in the future although he isn't sure if he'll make the cut.

He said: "I’ve thought of grassroots volunteering but maybe in a few years when I have a family and when everything is more stable.

"As for politics, I don’t think I’m very suitable because in order to be a politician, you have to be very decisive and firm.

"I’m more emotional – I think most actors are – and I get swayed very easily.

"If they say Mr. Lee Kuan Yew ruled with an 'iron fist', mine would be like cotton."


​3. Carrie Wong


The 21-year-old actress's dad is very into the political scene in Singapore.

So, knowing that she could vote this year, Carrie Wong said that she was going to have a discussion on the General Election with her father just before Polling Day.

Wong, who admitted that she rarely followed political news, was ecstatic that this year, she had the chance to contribute to the nation by having "the power to decide".

As for a career in politics for herself, she said it was impossible.

"I’ve never even imagined it – I’m simply not interested! I don’t even keep up with the news.

"The time Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed away was probably the most I’ve ever followed the news in my life." 


4. Jayley Woo


​Homework for her this past week was finding out more of the candidates who were contesting in this year's General Election.

Jayley Woo, 23, said that it felt good to finally be able to vote this year.

Having not decided what to wear yet on Polling Day, she said that she was not worried that fans would approach her for a picture when she reaches the polling station.

That is because she thinks that all her young fans would be hanging out at Orchard Road (as they are all probably too young to vote).

So what has her research turned up on Singapore's political scene?

She said: "I think that no matter what political party they’re (the candidates) from, they all have good intentions and want to do their part for Singapore."

Here are more tales from social media from some of Singapore's first-time voters.








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