140,000 SMS invitations sent out to seniors due for booster shots

The first batch of 140,000 SMS invitations has been sent out to seniors due for Covid-19 booster shots, with more invitations to be sent out weekly, said the Ministry of Health (MOH).

The ministry said these seniors, aged 60 and above, can get their booster shots at any vaccination centre, polyclinic or participating Public Health Preparedness Clinic. Bookings must be made, the ministry said. The Straits Times understands walk-ins have also been accepted.

Singapore kicked off its Covid-19 vaccine booster programme last Wednesday.

Seniors who completed their vaccination regimen around March will be the first in line for the third dose.

They must make an appointment via the personalised link in the SMS sent to the mobile number registered for their first two vaccine doses.

An MOH spokesman assured the public that "the capacity of our vaccination sites is more than enough to cater to the volume".

The ministry is working with the People's Association (PA) and the Silver Generation Office to encourage seniors - via phone calls or house visits - to go for their booster doses.

Seniors may also visit any of the PA's community clubs and centres for help in booking their appointment online.

Those who are immunocompromised started receiving their third dose at hospitals and specialist outpatient clinics from last Wednesday, said MOH.

Those in this group have been advised to receive their third dose of the same mRNA vaccine two months after their second dose, to ensure they start off with an adequate protective immune response to the virus.