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2 men from S'pore face off with M'sian in JB for petrol in can

Were the men from Singapore legally pumping fuel into a jerry can in Malaysia or is it a no-no?

No one seemed to know the law for sure in the altercation that happened between the two men and a Malaysian food delivery rider in Johor Bahru on June 16.

A video of the incident was uploaded to TikTok and then removed. It can be seen on other platforms.

The men and their Singapore-registered car were filmed by the motorcyclist at a petrol station after they were seen pumping fuel into a jerry can.

The rider decides to confront them. The clip shows him taunting the duo, which angers them.

Two police officers can be seen trying to defuse the situation while the verbal clash continues.

Then one of the men, wearing a cap, gets an object from his SUV. He approaches the rider and shouts: "You better delete ah!"

When an officers asks the rider for his identification card, the other man tries to grab his phone.

The man in the cap then says: "We no wrong. We ask petrol kiosk ok, he say ok. Then he come here scold people."

While the regulations concerning the import of petrol from Malaysia into Singapore seem unclear, online forums indicate that it may be permissible for vehicles to carry less than 5 litres of petrol in a separate container, specifically in case the vehicle runs out of fuel on the road.

But you need to declare the extra fuel during customs checks.

According to the Singapore Civil Defence Force and Singapore Statutes Online, the transporting of fuel less than 20 litres in Singapore without a licence is allowed. This pertains to fuel purchased in Singapore though.

The Iskandar Puteri police in Johor confirmed in a statement on June 21 that the incident occurred at around 8.30pm on June 16 at a petrol station in Sunway Box, Iskandar Puteri, a 30-minute drive from Tuas, Singapore.

It said that the complainant, a food delivery rider, went to the petrol station to top up fuel, and saw a Singapore-registered car and the two men he believed were foreigners.

The duo were holding a container at the same pump.

There was a misunderstanding between the two parties but the argument was successfully resolved by the Sunway police, the Johor police added.

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