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8 infants in Tanjong Pagar pre-school affected in stomach flu outbreak

Half of the infants at a pre-school in Tanjong Pagar have come down with stomach flu that appears to have been caused by a viral infection.

Eight children in Haven Infant and Toddler Centre Tanjong Pagar have experienced gastroenteritis symptoms, including diarrhoea and vomiting, so far. The pre-school has an enrolment of 16 infants and six staff members.

Responding to queries, the centre’s principal, Ms Angelyn Leong, said stomach flu symptoms were first detected on Jan 3. Two children had developed diarrhoea then, and both did not attend school the next day.

One of the two children returned to the centre two days later, despite still showing symptoms, and their parents said the doctor had given the green light to do so, as the diarrhoea was caused by eating too much, said Ms Leong.

But more children started falling ill, including four who vomited on Jan 10.

All the staff are well, said Ms Leong, adding that none of the affected children were hospitalised and two have since made a full recovery.

The centre at Tanjong Pagar Community Club looks after children aged two months to 30 months. It is run by the Singapore Amalgamated Services Co-operative Organisation.

Said Ms Leong: “The preliminary findings from our investigations suggest that the stomach flu outbreak may have been caused by a viral infection.

“However, we are continuing our investigations to determine the exact cause and prevent any further cases.”

She said the centre has hired a professional cleaning firm to carry out thorough cleaning and disinfection to contain the outbreak. The health authorities have also been informed about the situation.

The authorities have also contacted the school and will collect stool samples from a few of the children who fell ill for further investigation and analysis.

The centre will remain open on Jan 11.

ST has contacted the authorities for more information.