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Acres rescue civet stranded in middle of canal during downpour

This article is more than 12 months old

A wildlife rescue team took more than three hours to rescue a civet stranded in the middle of a canal during a recent downpour. 

In a video uploaded to Facebook group Singapore Wildlife Sightings by user Nurliyana A.R., the civet can be seen seated atop a platform, motionless.

In the caption, Nurliyana said she contacted Animal Concerns Research and Education Society's (Acres) after her husband spotted the civet in the Alexandra canal along Zion road while on the way to fetch their daughter on Thursday (Mar 2). 

According to Kalai Vanan, Co-CEO of Acres, who spoke to Mothership, the wildlife rescue team had received several calls on their hotline and messages on social media since 4.45pm that day. 

But peak hour traffic and bad weather caused the team, including Mr Vanan, to arrive at the location only around 6.15pm.

Mr Vanan shared that Acres’ initially planned to capture the animal as it was assumed that the civet, thought to be a young adult, could have sustained injuries or was weak. 

The plan, however, was abandoned, after the civet fell into the canal several times while evading capture. 

Not wanting to risk the civet falling into the canal once more and being carried away by the current, Acres placed a ladder at the side of the canal for it to climb and escape. 

The civet took more than three hours before climbing out of the canal, thereafter disappearing into the surrounding area.

Mr Vanan said there was no need to worry about the civet as the area is a known habitat for wild civets. 

Acres also thanked the National Parks Board (NParks) and members of the public who showed their concern, and those who offered ideas and assistance to rescue the civet. 

Anyone who sees a wild animal in distress can contact the ACRES Wildlife Rescue Hotline (24-hours) at 9783-7782 or NParks Animal Response Centre at 1800-476-1600.