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Actor Charlie Goh gets scammed buying salmon online, posts ad to warn others

Local actor Charlie Goh took to Instagram recently to detail how he was scammed while attempting to purchase salmon online.

The 34-year-old, known for his roles in the Ah Boys To Men movie series, as well as Mediacorp drama Tanglin, said he paid $160 for an order of salmon and wagyu beef, only to receive nothing in the end.

"I chanced upon this sponsored ad on [Facebook] and was interested in getting salmon and beef,” he wrote, sharing a screenshot of the page, which went by “Grocery Retail”.

The advertisement was selling “top Norwegian sashimi salmon” at $60 for 3kg and $100 for 6kg. Typically, sashimi-grade salmon retails for $50 to $100 for 1kg.

Goh said he roped in his neighbour to split the 3kg salmon with. He then added an 1kg order of wagyu beef, after chatting with the page admin about the prices and packaging. His total amounted to $160.

He was told delivery would be made on the same day, before 6pm.

In the end, nothing arrived. When Goh tried to message the page at 7pm, he realised he’d been blocked. 

Goh, who has made a police report over the incident, said the page gave him a number, “81768348” to make payment via PayLah!.

“This name is probably fake since [the PayLah! account] name can be changed. I tried calling the number and it couldn't be dialled. Putting it out here so you guys don’t fall for the same scam. Please share it with your friends and family,” he wrote.

Goh added another screenshot of a similar ad his friend saw on Facebook, warning everyone to steer clear of such posts, as they are likely to be scams as well. 

“These scammers think they can hide from the law, but it will eventually catch up to you. Even if it doesn't, I pray your conscience eats [you] alive. And if it still doesn’t, God is watching my friend. You can take my money and spend it in hell,” he wrote.

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