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AirAsia passenger seen crawling down aisle to wheelchair

This article is more than 12 months old

Two brief videos posted on TikTok show a passenger who needs a wheelchair crawling down the aisle of an AirAsia plane.

Cabin crew can be seen trying to help, and the passenger can be heard telling them that it’s not their fault.

Many of those who viewed the videos were aghast and expressed outrage at what the man had to go through.

But others also pointed out that AirAsia is a budget airline, and that aisle wheelchairs can be booked for a fee.

According to the TikTok user, who posted the videos on Thursday (Sept 29), the flight was from Jakarta to Singapore.

Eva Keliat claimed that the man’s own wheelchair was just three metres away and the airline demanded $40 for him to be taken to it, adding that “this is how airasia treats their paraplegic passengers”.

AirAsia has reportedly apologised to the passenger and said it “will ensure an incident of this nature does not occur again”.

"We have procedures in place for the carriage of disabled or mobility impaired guests including the provision of an aisle wheelchair, which is highlighted during the booking process," AsiaOne quoted the airline's chief airport and customer experience officer Kesavan Sivanandam as saying.

According to the report, AirAsia has no additional charges for passengers who bring their own wheelchairs, but these can be taken only up to the door of the aircraft.

@keliateva we landed at changi airport with airasia QZ268 from Jakarta in Sept 29, 2022 and asked to pay $40 for aisle wheelchair just to get out from the 3F seat to his wheelchair which is 3 meters away. this is how airasia treats their paraplegic passangers #airasia #tonyfernandes ♬ original sound - Eva Keliat
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