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Another driver disobeys rules, traffic marshal outside a school

This article is more than 12 months old

What is it with cars going in and out of schools? Here’s another one clearly breaking the law.

This incident happened outside Henry Park Primary School, according to a video posted on Facebook by SG Road Vigilante.

It shows a car taking an illegal left turn, despite clear indications against it, and a traffic marshal trying to guide it to the right.

The incident is reminiscent of what happened outside Red Swastika School, where a Bentley was seen nudging a security officer on Jan 11. A 61-year-old man was later arrested.

The second incident happened less than a week later, on Monday.

The video shows a black Volkswagen edging past a gesticulating traffic marshal, who looks exasperated by the clear breach of rules.

According to the post, the school had sent out this memo to parents: “For cars exiting the school from the Bus Bay, only right turn is allowed as a safety measure. Cars are not to turn left unless directed by the school staff. This is because there are cars turning right from level 3 exit which can be in the blind spot of cars from the bus bay.”

That should have been clear enough. And a no-left-turn sign is clearly visible in the video, right in front of the driver.


And if the driver missed all that, there was the traffic marshal clearly signaling which way to turn.

Comments on the post mostly expressed frustration at the perennial problems with traffic outside schools.

Watch the video here: