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Bashed for calling out 'Oi' to e-bike rider who nearly hit her; man charged

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A 43-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman in the vicinity of Block 35 Chai Chee Avenue, said the police in a statement on Sunday (June 19).

Through extensive ground enquiries and with the aid of police cameras, officers from Bedok Police Division established the identity of the man and arrested him on June 18.

Unhappy that another food delivery rider nearly ran into her with his electric bike, the woman had called "oi" and ended up being bashed.

Ms Shen Mu Zhi, 47, who works with foodpanda, said she was on her way to deliver food to a customer when the incident happened at about 7pm on Tuesday (June 14), reported Shin Min Daily News.

The man, who was wearing a GrabFood top, was riding his e-bike past her at the open-air parking lot next to Block 36 Chai Chee Avenue.

"He nearly bumped into me as he rode past, so I called out 'oi'. I did not hear what he mumbled back, and continued to make my delivery," said Ms Shen.

When she came down the block after completing the order, she was surprised to see the man waiting for her.

"He asked me angrily 'what oi', and before I could explain, he punched me on my left cheek," she said, adding that the man was about 1½-head taller than her.

After about five punches, the man moved off abruptly.

"I fell to the ground and much as I wanted to fight back, I was helpless."

It took Ms Shen a while to get up, and she struggled to the nearest police post to make a report.

She was later taken to the hospital in an ambulance to receive treatment for her injuries that included a bruised and swollen face, and broken teeth.

She added: "I couldn't sleep all night, and today I realised that it was very painful for me to chew my food. I can only eat soft food for now."

Ms Shen said she will be unable to work for a week and expects to lose about $1,000 in earnings.

"I hope the man can be taken to task as soon as possible. He was so violent that even if he apologised, it would be hard for me to forgive him," she added.

The man will be charged in court with voluntarily causing grievous hurt under Section 325 of the Penal Code. The offence carries an imprisonment term which may extend to 10 years, and a fine or caning.

"The Police have zero tolerance towards such acts of violence and will not hesitate to take action against those who blatantly disregard the law," said the statement.

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